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peraanmai movie review

Peraanmai Movie Review

‘Peranmai’ is a movie of Jayam Ravi which is filled with high octane action and thrill.

But the action element gets highlighted in the second half and the thrill element disappears from the frame leaving the audiences a bit overdosed with action.

Dhruv (Ravi) is a forest officer by profession and takes on as a guide in the jungle when time of need. He is a tribal who is deprived of higher knowledge and studies and so grows up with immense knowledge as a forest trekker. Dhruv has a superior officer named Ganapathy Ram (Ponvannan) who orders him with a job of training 5 NCC cadets who are college students. He orders them to teach them about flora and fauna in the jungle life.

The girls are tough at heart and never obey the rules and regulations put by Dhruv. They see him as a low grade tribal who is just like a dumbo in a forest and compares him with the frog in the well.

One day during trekking, the five girls and Dhruv come across some 16 dreaded terrorists who have come to destroy the launch of a sophisticated aircraft launched in India.

The international terrorists are well armed and Druv and the five bunch of girls decide to save the country out the criminals.

They succeed a bit in making the conspiracy of the dreaded terrorist fall out. Finally, Druv take on the terrorist along with his bunch of young and beautiful girls and foil their intentions, thus saving India from a major accident.

On the whole, all ends well and the patriotic message comes into the storyline at the conclusion.

Jayam Ravi with his well toned body and body arms has lived the character up to the required mark in ‘Peranmai’. The actions scenes which involve him are well filmed and the hero has worked hard to get his performance right. His body language was well suited to work out body and this is said to be a highlight in the film. His carrying and suing of weapons is easy.

The group of five girls i.e. Dhanushika, Liyashree, Saranya, Varsha and Vasundhara has played their roles very well in ‘Peranmai’ and have done justice to their characters.

Ponvannan, Vadivelu and so on add weight to the subject and manage to complete the length of the reel with good performances.

The music by Vidya Sagar in ‘Peranmai’ is below average and lacks the zeal in it, but the background score has been composed well.

Cinematography is extraordinary and the scenes of the forest have entertained the audiences the most in ‘Peranmai’

Coming to the big talk which is direction, the director seems to have failed in many departments. Janathan has made the story of ‘Peranmai’ into a big mess at the end and the movie may mostly confuse the audiences than to entertain with its disappointing screenplay which was done by Krishnan.

The movie ‘Peranmai’ was hyped a lot, but the stars like Roland who played a vital character in the movie were not utilized to the mark.

The movie ‘Peranmai’ may sink in this diwali season and so may just reap back the distributors their investments