FANTASTIC FOUR is a very famous name and even two films were aken based on that name…but the title Fantastic Four has been given to four of our friends by our class mates (that’s what we say to everyone!!!)… and we are more powerful than the comic characters. The title has evolved has a bonding line for us but from what we see… lot of ppl in my class are getting irritated with our evolution as the fantastic four… the f4 (fantastic four) team has lots of conditions and rules. Every member of the fantastic four must abide by the rules so that we rule the college!!!

We have a supporting consultant too. His name is nambi and he serves as an executive guest member of the f4 gang. By the way, our team members are, me sudhir, pranesh, panneer and rabee. All of us don’t like putting mokkai in the first place. But, our class ppl were enjoying putting mokkai and were absolutely irritating to us and hence we found a way to pay back and that is f4!!!! By the way mokkai means uttering useless comments and dialogues thinking that are great jokes. Coming back to the topic, I mentioned of some rules in the beginning. They are

  1. All of the members including nambi must understand the pride of the gang and must always boast of the gang wherever possible.
  2. None of the members should respect anyone excluding the f4 gang…!!!
  3. No one in our gang should praise others. They should always humiliate others as far as they can…!!!
  4. All of the members should spend no money from their pockets and as far as possible they must thrive on others for any spending…!!!
  5. Members must lie to everyone as much as possible to escape from any problem they face.
  6. Members should not complete any record, manual, observation or any other assignments in time and as far as possible they must try not to submit them…
  7. Members must not put kadalai (flirting) to any of the girl in the college.
  8. Members must not attend the classes and they must bunk at least two hours a day or more.

These rules are perfectly followed nowadays and hence lead our name spread in the whole of our coll within weeks of our evolution. We would surely follow the rules for the rest of our college lives and build a long lasting impression (bad impression) on everybody’s mind.

I would love to write more of our gang but I can’t write many things due to time constraint. But I am sure I will post the entire set of rules and the ways how we became famous in our college soon after our committee meeting J



For the last one week, my work pressure was very hectic. I was not able to post anything in that span. But if I think now, there was nothing to post that got my interest last week, the last thing that got me interested was ipl bid and that too it am not supporting for that auction, the problem with my life now is that no interesting things happened in my life for the last week.

Anyway there is INSTINCTS 08 coming in our college next week. Instincts is an inter college cultural event which is held annually in our college. The event is surely big and great and it is amazing to see the good show laid down by our seniors within weeks of preparations. Although I always see a college cultural as a place to see lots of girls from various colleges, I like participating in events, but am not sure about winning some prize. I don’t think I can qualify even in 1st round in any of the domains like techie or song or gaming or dance or informals. The important aspect though is participation and I ve taken a oath to participate in all technical symposiums as well as cultural events from next month so as to improve my level.

I ve not been for lots of cultural events or symposiums but I did participate in one event in svce… the circuit breaker event… to the surprise of my friends and in fact to me , I got selected in the first round and went on to qualify for finals. I seriously doubt that they chose us only due to our college name so that they can announce it in the Dias. When we entered the final stage, they gave us a circuit with lots of components like capacitor, resistor, etc. I will not even solve or connect a very simple circuit in my lab and my friends were in the same level. The circuit was no where near our knowledge and hence we tried our luck replacing some components and putting them here and there. As usual, we lost. But the amazing and some what absurd thing is what the organizers said that the competition was very tough and all of us were really closer.

Although we didn’t win the competition, we got a merit that we even cherish now, that we are the circuit breaker finalists… we always boast of our talents in our class but we won’t tell the name of college or the total no of participants.

Returning to the topic of cultural, I believe at least the traffic this year would be good. Last year, the traffic was worst. (Traffic means girls and good traffic means beautiful girls).

Anyway, visit my college's official cultural page if u like to participate.



Tons and tons of money, lots of sponsors, high payment for just around a month’s work. This is what the great IPL gives the players, but what does it give to the cricketing world?? Where is this leading? Players like rohit sharma and manoj tiwary are get paid higher than the likes of ponting and mcgrath. Is this process going to strengthen our grassroots in the game?? Certainly not... The process involves a high risk of decrementing the game and builds a partition between the youngsters and seniors.

The attractive package tempts the player to even reitre from their international carrer and play for a month or so planning for their life. This league thus brings money in front of patriotism. Although there are lots of games with this type of clubs and money involved, this is new to cricket, the game in which playing for the nation is the ultimate goal. Although the IPL has elevated the game to a higher level and has opened a whirlwind of opportunities, the auctioning process is not understandable.There are lots of questions raising…
How can some corporate decide a market rate for a player??
On what basis is Manoj Tiwary is paid higher than ponting??
On what basis is Ishant sharma better than Mcgrath and Brett Lee??

Although there can be some reasons that Australians are not avialble for this year and there should be face value for endorsements, the same players have been paid higher than their Indian counterparts. Ishant sharma is paid Rs.3.8 crores and Anil Kumble is paid Rs.2 crores. Although there can be an argument that t20 is the game for young people and gen next… why are the senior players auctioned then??

I’m an Indian and am a die hard follower of the game but I can’t accept the impartiality meted out for the seniors. Even v.v.s laxman is paid lesser than Robin Uthappa who has been misfiring in the last couple of games. This league has been formed only due to our victory in the t20 world cup. Although there would be surely a very large fan following in the case of IPL, the vibrations are far deeper. If Manoj Tiwary is paid higher than many other greats, then what kind of respect can we expect from him for the senior players and how would he respect his state team which gave him this position but paid only in thousands??

Though the cricketers have higher pay packages that they can’t even dream, there is a potential risk involving in the IPL and that is the risk of destroying the International cricket. My view is that the IPL is a good breakthrough in the world of cricket but the auctioning process is not correct and the pay packages based on market is also not correct.

What will the franchisee who bought Ishant for almost 4 crores do if he misfires in a couple of games?? One must think of the pressure involved in this case. There are lots of glammer and glitterati in the beginning now but only time can decide of the fate of the league and the international cricket.



Today, India is ruled by a bunch of people, in fact virtually by a woman and physically by a man who is capable of giving a good rule but is not let to do so by his coalition parties.
The elections for the centre is fast approaching and when I thought of the leaders who are capable of taking India to higher standards, I can conclude only with one name and he is Narendra Modi.

The days are gone when people voted by seeing the personality and promises. They are aware now that they would vote for candidates who governs well and does something for the people through their posts. This is the thought I got when I saw Gujarat election results. There was a leader who did everything good to the people in his last regime, surprisingly without even one corruption charge and in other side there is a party which is starving by coalition parties. The whole Indian media was against him portraying him as a Hindu extremist and as the cause for Gujarat riots. There was everyone working against him, the opposition party deceiving the voters that he is an extremist, medias supporting their view, even his own party cadres who were jealous of his popularity propagated against him with only one supreme objective… to beat him. But they didn’t succeed. It is the god things the man did. He improved the economic condition of the people of Gujarat, brought youngsters to the party, he cleared the corruption which had breached the government departments and led a hassle free government with stubborn decisions keeping people but not money in his mind. That is modi, and that gave him victory in gujrat, but he had already won the heart of people of Gujarat.

Moditva is nothing but following a single charismatic leader full of energy and good intentions which would make our country a superpower. He should be bjp’s prime ministerial candidate. He had already influenced many like me. When we analyze the track record of his rule, its amazing. The growth rate is high. The literacy rate has increased multifold. Murders and bombings were no where found. It’s an ideal rule which is now needed for India.

People say he is a Hindu extremist and he only helps Hindus, but it’s not the truth. It’s just a mirage projected by the media. He has improved the economic conditions of the minorities by a great percent and the life of many Muslims and Christians have flourished under his regime.

I personally write this and it’s my view that he would be perfect for him leading a versatile country like ours and I personally feel he should be the next PM.



Nokia’s top of the line N95 just had a makeover. It now has a slimmer body, bigger screen and, most importantly, an internal hard drive with 8GB memory. This black beauty is packed with features and is undoubtedly one of the richest multimedia phones we’ve seen till date.Features & Design: The N95 8GB has upgraded its internal storage by adding an 8GB hard drive and a whopping 128MB of RAM. Its display has increased from 2.6 inches to 2.8 inches. Though it still offers the same QVGA resolution of 240x320 pixels, it makes a lot of difference to viewing the contents on the screen, thanks to the 16 million colors support. The body has the same dual-slide design as the previous version, but there are some cosmetic changes. This includes a piano black finish and a rubberized coating at the back. Below the display are different shortcut keys surrounding the D-pad. These are small and easy to use.Sliding up the screen reveals the backlit alphanumeric keys. Thankfully, these are big enough to enable smooth typing. The top houses an in-call speaker, a light sensor and a VGA camera for video calling. Unfortunately, the camera no longer has a lens cover. This makes it prone to dust, but it does slim down the phone. The optics are handled by a Carl-Zeiss lens, and the 5 MP sensor, auto focus, and the LED flash are the same as before. The music shortcut keys have been raised a bit which makes them much easier to use. How oft en you’ll use this is still open to question, though, as it’s much easier to just use the D-pad and shortcut keys. Still, it’s there if you want it.The phone is a bit bulky but the light weight means that it is still pocketable. On the soft ware front, it comes pretty well stocked. QuickOffice and Adobe Reader LE should be enough to handle most office documents. The Zip utility is a nice way to handle compressed files. GPS, 3G with HSDPA, Wi-Fi and EDGE connectivity, miniUSB port and a TVOut function are just a few of the goodies.Listening to FM Radio is made easier with a standard 3.5mm jack. Bluetooth A2DP support allows you to go wireless, if that’s what you prefer. The N-Gage platform is installed, but the service has yet to launch. The lack of support for any form of memory card may irk some people.Performance: The phone has outstanding reception without much interference even in areas with poor network reception. The loudspeaker is clear, and surprisingly loud. Multitasking is speedy even with more than four applications running in the background. This phone clocked the speediest response we have seen in any Symbian based device. The audio playback quality is decent and well-balanced but not top-notch. Viewing videos and browsing the Net was fun and the credit goes to the screen. The search function is a nifty feature which let us browse the Internet and phone’s contents from the home menu. The 5MP camera with auto focus did not disappoint either. The color reproduction was good and different flash modes including red-eye reduction and featured grid-line were notable new features. We’d like to see a Xenon flash instead of the LED one on the next upgrade, though.Conclusion: The Nokia N95 8GB is one of the most feature rich multimedia phones with no strong contenders currently. If you are looking for just a great camera, the Sony Ericsson K850i is another good choice. But factor in the speedy performance and long list of useful features, and the N95 8GB still stands its ground.



The travel of Malayalam movie ‘Katha Parayumbol’ has led to many interesting developments. The most exciting development is that the movie has created a situation where we could see a rare contest between SRK and Rajini this year.‘Katha Parayumbol’ by Sreenivasan is now getting remade in Tamil and Telugu with the title ‘Kuselan’. Superstar Rajinikanth is portraying the lead role in both versions and P. Vasu directs this bilingual affair.The latest buzz is that director Priyadarshan has got the Hindi remake rights of ‘Katha Parayumbol’. He will direct the film for Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment. King Khan will act in the role played by Mammootty in the original and our very own superstar will do the same in Telugu and Tamil.It is a surprising coincidence that the biggest superstars of India are donning the same roles and that too at the very same time! This is sure to trigger interest among their fans and critics.There is also another aspect which will tempt the fans to compare the two great entertainers. SRK has danced with the leading stars of Bollywood in his latest film ‘Om Shanthi Om’ and ‘Kuselan’ too has such a song in which Rajini would dance with leading Kollywood stars.The Hindi version of ‘Katha Parayumbol’ will start rolling by July, as SRK is now busy with a project of Aditya Chopra’s ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. SRK is said to have told to Priyadarshan that he should not change the original ‘Katha Parayumbol’ script and should be faithful to it.In any case, it is for sure that the two superstars will be compared for their performances in the same story.


The film Bheema is directed by lingusamy,who has already given blockbusters like run,sandakozhi,etc. This film involves a hugh cast of vikram,prakashraj,trisha,raguvaran
and many more.the film also involves top notch technicians and music score by harris jeyaraj which made huge hype among the fans. The songs and stills of the film further
made the temperatures rise and there was huge expectation from the fans.The film which was two years in the making promised lots to offer with vikram having a great make-
over for this film.The film was entitled to release last year itself..but it has released now after lots of economic problems.But the expectations for the film didnt sink.

the film has a very simple and straight forward plot.. vikram who lives in a small town is inspired by the works of prakashraj in tat town who acts as a good dada and beats
everyone who cause problem to the people. Vikram chooses the same way which ultimately leads him to prakashraj after a couple of years. Now prakashraj is a big gangster in
chennai and he joins hands with vikram to improve his territory. The other gang in chennai headed by Periyavar Raguvarn and his sons try to kill prakashraj. The love for
trisha comes in between. Then enters commisoner who plans to kill all the gangsters by encounter. The proceedings form the rest of story.

The film basically does not work out due to its scenes ,lots of which is already seen in many movies.There is no comedy except a scene where vikram explains about a flower.
The film which was touted to be one of the stylish film of the decade failed to do so because of its late release. Afer sivaji and billa which took our tamil film standards
to tat of hollywood, the film didnt woo the audience by its style. The block before the climax,where vikram kills all ok chinna's(prakashraj) enemies is very tiresome and boring.
The characterisation of trisha is absurd. There is virtually no reason for the love tat develops between her and vikram. Where in chennai are goondas and gangsters roaming with
pistols and kiling everyone they wish??

Although the film has negatives,there are some occasions which make you go into the story. The block before the interval and the fight scenes are well crafted. Trisha has done
her job and prakashraj has done honest to his character. Special credit goes to vikram though who built his muscles and looks and he does his job perfectly.The namecause of the
film is known only after more than half of the film is over and it is surprising. The picturisation of the songs looks good and the music which is already a chartbuster helps
the film very much.

The climax is over and done in few seconds putting shock all over the viewers and fans. Although it gives a logical end, the surprise factor in the climax can work against
the film if it is no handled properly. But in this case, the director has crafted the climax well but it brings viewers a grum sensation tat everyone around them are dying.


the film has lot of good things but the old dated scenes and the shocking climax with its late release worked against the film. though, the film is worth seeing in the theatre
once with family, it is not convincing for people like me who watched it in theatre first day itself with lots of expectations.Overall, if u dont expect anything and then watch
the movie it wil be satisfying. If u go in with expectations then its not.